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Adequate supervision of students in the school yard is a requirement of the school’s duty of care. The school will normally satisfy the duty of care for the on-site management of students outside normal timetabled class time by allocating responsibilities for supervision to different staff. The principal is responsible for making and administering such arrangements for supervision as are necessary according to the circumstances in the school, and teachers are responsible for carrying out their assigned supervisory duties in such a way that students are, as far as can be reasonably expected, protected from injury. This duty extends to intervention in single-sex areas if need be by a teacher of the other gender.


2.1 As part of its duty of care the school is required to adequately supervise students for a defined period before school; at recess time and lunch time; and after school. This on-site supervision requires not only protection from known hazards, but also protection from those that could arise (that is, those the teacher should reasonably have foreseen) and against which preventive measures could be taken.

2.2 It is essential parents/carers are kept informed as to when supervision of students is available before and after school, and that outside these times supervision and/or the collection of students is the responsibility of parents/carers. This information should be clearly provided to parents/guardians on a regular basis.

2.3 Parents/carers may require their child to leave the school grounds to:

  • go home for lunch
  • be dismissed early from school to attend an appointment

It is important the school has a process to authorize these requests and accurate student records are maintained.


3.1.1 A roster system will be used to timetable staff members for yard supervision.
Yard supervision will include before school, recess and lunch breaks, and after school.

3.1.2 In determining whether supervision of students entering or exiting the school is adequate, the principal or their nominee will consider a number of factors including:

  • which entry/exit points should be or are used by students
  • whether any entry or exit points should be locked, designated as out of bounds, or supervised
  • road traffic conditions
  • designated pick up and drop off areas

3.1.3 The supervision of the arrival and departure of any school contract buses is a matter for the discretion of the principal who will consider the following:

  • the number of students alighting from and boarding the bus at the school
  • the age of students alighting from or boarding the bus
  • the times of the arrival and departure of the bus(es)
  • the location of the pick-up and drop-off points in relation to the other areas of the school
  • whether supervision is required to protect students on the bus, or from unruly student behaviour when boarding or alighting from the bus

3.1.4 The supervision of the arrival and departure of any students on public transport is a matter for the discretion of the principal who will consider whether supervision is required to protect students on the bus, or from unruly student behaviour when boarding or alighting from the bus.

3.2 Parents/carers are discouraged from sending their children to school before the designated supervision time in the morning. Parents/carers are encouraged to pick up their child by the end of the designated end of day supervision period. Parents will also be informed via the school’s newsletter the times when staff members will be rostered to undertake yard supervision before and after school each day.

3.3 The school must receive written permission from a parent/carer before the school will authorise a student to be dismissed to:

  • go home for lunch
  • Β to attend an appointment during school hour

Students must be signed out of the school if departing prior to dismissal time. A record of early departures is to be kept in the Administration Office and completed for all students departing the school early.

Note: When a student departs from the school (following initial attendance) without authorisation, the parent/guardian will be informed immediately.

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Appendix A: On-Site Supervision of Students Procedures


This policy will be reviewed annually or more often if necessary due to changes in regulations or circumstances.


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