UPDATE: Awarded third prize in Art for Mental Health Week


UPDATE: Congratulations to Mia Chiang Hsieh who was awarded third place for her artwork. The competition was to create an artwork that represented something that brought joy or happiness to your life. Mia represented a day at the snow as an abstract artwork using pastel, watercolour paint and acrylic paint.

We are happy to share with you 5 artworks created by 6 of our Grade 3 students, to celebrate Mental Health Week in the Wyndham community. Students from schools in the area were invited to create artworks based on the theme, ‘What brings you joy in life?’ Three of the girls (Chi Yeng Chui, Anna Nguyen and Georgia Sacdpraseuth) chose to represent a day at the beach, describing the water, their feet in the sand and seeing the waves come in and out brought them great joy. Mia Chiang Hsieh chose to represent a day at the snow, using an abstract drawing to depict her idea. Ayesha and Kresha Jaiswal chose to represent Indian dancing and their love of the colourful costumes they get to where, this is what brings them joy.

The girls are now invited to attend a morning at the Civic Centre to see the opening of Mental Health Week and we will attend to view other artworks that have been entered. The girls used lunch times to complete their work and should be proud of their commitment and effort they put into these impressive pieces of work.


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