Brains, Eyeballs and Lungs, OH MY!


Year 8 and 9 students have just completed dissections of lamb brains, pig eyeballs and sheep lungs in their science classes, investigating biology.

In term 3 Science, we have been studying the structure of a brain. We looked through the different parts of the brain, and describing it what it is used for and why it is important. We studied the nervous system, explained how it works and what it does. Later on, we have done a Lamb’s brain dissection. We were able to identify the parts of the brain and inspected it under a microscope. It was very interesting, studying the cerebrum and cerebellum under the microscope. After we have finished the brain’s dissection, we started dissecting a pig’s eye. There were many surprises as we have done that for an extra experiment. As we cut through the cornea of the eyeball, there were black liquid spilling out and leaving the lens and the vitreous humor inside the eyeball. I were surprised by the black liquid that came out and the lens was removable from the vitreous humor; when I removed the lens, it was rather smaller than I expected. Using the pins that are for the brain dissection has helped me find the places of the two hemispheres, four lobes, spinal cord, cerebrum and cerebellum. Overall, the dissection was brilliant and can be done again with another group. I wish to do more dissections and learn more facts about different parts of a body next time. Although I have finished my dissection successfully with my group, I found out that the rest of the class can be productive when they are very entertained, and this dissection has entertained them well. I can see IB attitudes and profiles demonstrated from students. So thank you to Miss Crossley for this beautiful dissection. -Levin Wong 9A


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