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Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Year 6 Tasmanian camp. The experience commenced with our 10 hour boat ride to Tasmania followed by a bus ride where we stopped off at Campbell town for a quick breakfast and viewed the convict brick trail. We then visited the Mawson hut replica museum. After the museum we walked to the Salamanca market in Salamanca Place, Hobart where both groups met to have lunch together before Group 1 departed for Melbourne. Group 2 then headed to maritime museum for a guided tour including a port walk and then headed towards their accommodation. Day 2 – Port Arthur was a breath taking experience for all of us. We took a walking tour with an introduction to Port Arthur, it’s people and it’s past as well as it’s beautiful historical buildings, gardens and restored houses. Followed by a harbour cruise to the dockyard, the isle of the dead cemetery and the Point Puer Boys’ Prison and an introduction to the maritime history of Port Arthur. We then set off to the Tasmanian Devil Un-zoo where we had the privilege of feeding the kangaroos and the wallabies, followed by a viewing of the Tasmanian Devil feeding show and bird show. But my most favourite experience was at the cascades female factory historical site. We were in awe of the show and felt real connection to the character. We were flooded with emotions with how these poor convict women were treated. I personally also enjoyed exploring a beautifully preserved site and learning about an important period in the history of Australia. Our experience ended with a self-guided visit to the Tasmanian museum and art gallery before having lunch and proceeding to the airport to come home. Camping experiences are great opportunities for all of us to connect and strengthen our relationships and it’s a great opportunity to learn new skills, friendships and interests. They also teach us inter-dependant skills, for many children this is their first time away from their family. Another benefit to camping experiences is to increase environmental awareness. Children are exposed to authentic historical and nature based experiences which form wonderful memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.

All the Year 6s have arrived home from camp and what an amazing experience it was. Our camp was to Tasmania which we discovered was the second oldest state in Australia. Whilst being there we learnt about the history of Australia. We visited different historical sites and museums. We arrived in Davenport at 6.00am in the morning. A bus was there as we arrived and took us to Hobart, which is on the other side of the island. My favourite place throughout the whole camp was the Tasmanian Devil Unzoo because we got to feed to kangaroos. At the zoo they explained to us about Tasmanian devils, their habitat and what they eat. I also enjoyed the Cascades Female Factory. They explained what happened to the females when they were serving their sentence. Each day the women would work for long hours. They told us that if they became pregnant whilst in prison they would be allowed to go the nursery with their baby after it had been delivered. Whilst in there they could nurse their baby for a little while before they would have it taken away and returned to prison duties. The main reason I liked the Female Factory was because they explained everything through role play. It was interesting to watch and it made us feel involved in the whole experience. Our accommodation whilst in Tasmania was at a place called the Riverfront Motel and Villas. Each cabin group had a house with a kitchen, lounge room, bedrooms, laundry and a bathroom. We were very well looked after whilst we were away having such yummy meals and great facilities. This camp was a fun, educational experience. It was full of excitement. It also taught us a lot about the history of our country. – Hridey Kapoor- 6A

We all arrived in Davenport early in the morning after a very smooth night on the Spirit of Tasmania. Everyone was very excited to be in Tasmania, even though it was very cold. There were numerous enjoyable activities that we did, along with lots of new information that we learnt. The activity I enjoyed the most was visiting the Female Factory. Our whole group was shown around whilst we were watching two actors role playing, giving us an insight into what it would’ve been like to be a female convict who has been transported to Van Diemen’s land back then. I also really enjoyed the many sights that we got to see along our travels, which included the Tasman’s Arch and the Devil’s Kitchen. Port Arthur was also a very fascinating place with amazing scenery. It was quite difficult to imagine what sort of life these convicts must’ve been living back then, with such strict rules and hard labour they were doing for such small crimes. One of the most interesting places we went to was the Maritime Museum. We had the chance to look at how the Aboriginals made their boats, by using the limited resources that they had available to them. By simply using bark they were able to make rafts, which aided them in hunting a travelling around. Overall, it was such a fun experience and also very educational for all of the students who were lucky enough to attend the camp. – Sienna Bramley- 6A


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