‘The Hurting Game’ Production


On Monday of this week our year 7,8, & 9 students were treated to a performance by Brainstorm Productions called ‘The Hurting Game.’ The Hurting Game is an action packed, humorous and engaging anti-bullying program. Below is a short summary of the performance:

Samantha’s group spread rumours and alienate her. She becomes obsessed with body image and constantly compares herself with other girls in the media, the playground and on social media. Desperate to fit in, Jimmy succumbs to peer pressure and becomes the tough guy harassing and bullying other students with homophobic remarks, deliberately failing maths, binge drinking and playing the fool.

They slowly begin to realise that their interactions on social media can affect their mental health and emotional wellbeing, and could have lifelong implications. It was a great message and a very clever production that covered many issues young people face, bullying, name calling, bulimia, cyber issues and safety and the long-term effects of a criminal record. It was a very insightful and engaging performance.

In the play, the production teams aim was to teach their audience about different types of relationships and how they change over time. They showed this message by starting to act out how their life and friends were in prep and how that relationship change in grade 6, then grade 7 and then finally grade 10. The complication in the play was that both characters had different quirky qualities and they were trying to figure out how to fit in with their peers. In the end they realised that by changing themselves they would just feel worse and that it is better to be themselves. I learnt that by changing myself it won’t make me feel any better and my friends should love me for who I am. – By Srividya Bobba 7C

The Hurting Game was hilarious. It was about how people in prep, year six, year seven and year ten interact and how these interactions change over time. The play had a lot of different characters which showed different characteristics, personalities and traits and how they interact with each other. I have learnt that it is important not to change who you are because of other people, but instead be yourself which will make you feel much better about yourself rather than being someone you are not. – By Shradha Pattnaik, 7C


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