Remarkable Robotics!


Prep C have been continuing to develop their coding skills within the classroom. They have been integrating ‘Bee-Bots’ and the ‘Code and Go Robot Mouse’ with Mathematics and Literacy within the Victorian Curriculum. This term, we have been learning about Mass and estimating which object is heavier. Students have said that “estimating is guessing” (Vincent). They have been looking at two objects and using prior knowledge to estimate which is the heavier object. Once they have estimated, they have been using their whiteboards to write down the code to get Bee-Bot to go to that object. Students have been risk-takers when testing their code and have been using problem solving skills to fix up anything that went wrong.

When reflecting upon the use of Robotics over the year, students have said “my favourite part is pressing the buttons” (Emma), “my favourite part is coding the robot so he can move” (Rhema). When asked “What would you like to learn about robotics?” students responded with “How do the wheels turn when the robot is moving?” (Cadence) and “Why do robots have wheels and not legs?” (Ayaansh). Students in Prep C will continue to use Robotics throughout the remainder of the year.



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