Fairytale Fiasco


To complement our fifth Unit of Inquiry, exploring the central idea, ‘Folktales are told in many forms by people to entertain, to teach and to recognise culture’, Prep students participated in an incursion titled ‘Fairytale Fiasco’. The incursion was engaging and interactive and helped developed student knowledge and understanding of folktales and their structure. What a great way to finish up a Unit of Inquiry! Here is what some students thought about the incursion:

Ayana Prep B – “There was a witch, a pig, a dragon, cats and mice. Fairytale land got muddled up. The mice were chasing the cat, the dragon was breathing fire, the wolf was very happy, and the witches had sausages instead of wands. They put all the things in the pot, like the dragons tail and made a potion. We had to say Ziggy zaggy zoom. Everything went back to normal and we had a party.”

Lawrence Prep I – “We made a story. We dressed up in costumes. We climbed through the tunnel to get to fairytale land. I dressed up as a wizard and I turned people into a frog. I then dressed up as a dwarf, I had to be grumpy instead of happy and I pretended to pick flowers that were really smelly. Someone turned fairytale land opposite so we had to mix things into a pot and turn everything back to normal.”

Livi Prep D – “First we got to lay down and closed our eyes and thought about fairies. One of my favourite parts was went I got to dress up as a witch. Everything was backwards. I was pretending to fly around on a vacuum, it was back to front. I dressed up as a cat too and a mouse was chasing me.”


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