Preps visit the Wetlands


The Preps have continued to inquire into the central idea ‘living things may adapt to changing environments’. Some of the Prep classes have been on walks to the wetlands to explore what this environment is like and observe what kinds of animals live there.

Prep K, L, M and N have been thinking about the requirements of living things and read the story ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle and have been planting their own seeds. They where encouraged to predict what their plant would turn into and think about what their seed would need to be able to grow. We also thought about the key concept of  responsibility and have challenged the children to take control of looking after their seed.

We have all been risk-takers by performing for our families at PYP night and showing them some of the work that we have been doing across the  term. The Preps were very committed to practising for the night and did a great job. Well done!


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