Year 1’s 2018 Eureka Skydeck Excursion


As part of the Year Ones second Unit of Inquiry ‘How the World Works’ students went on an excursion to the Eureka Skydeck. Students explored the central idea ‘Properties of materials influence the way they are used’ during the excursion through an educational talk and discussions with peers about the materials they could see from the Skydeck.

‘They used gold, glass, steel and concrete to build the Eureka Tower. They used these materials so the Eureka Tower could stand up straight and be strong. The gold is on the top stories windows. We saw the gold from the bus, and when we were on the Skydeck.’ Chris, 1B.

Students observed a range of different building from the Eureka Skydeck, and discussed the different materials and two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes they could see.

‘We saw lots of skyscrapers that were shaped like rectangular prisms and lots of glass windows! They use glass for the windows because it is transparent!’ Neeyah, 1B.

‘I saw a cube on top of a building and squares and rectangles in the windows! We saw roundabouts that were shaped like a circle.’ Ayana, 1B


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