Privacy Policy



To collect, handle, use, store and disclose personal and health information of staff and students in a manner compliant with the Health Records Act 2001 and the Information Privacy Act 2000.


  • Privacy protects individuals from harm resulting from misuse of their information.
  • Privacy promotes effective service delivery by encouraging full and frank information provision.
  • All staff at our school will be provided with up to date professional development in relation to Privacy, will be provided with and made aware of Department of Education Privacy Bulletins and other information as they become available, and will made aware of, and reminded of their individual and our collective duty of care regarding Privacy as required.
  • Victorian Government Privacy Information posters will be prominently displayed about staff areas.
  • While Privacy legislation is detailed, practising privacy involves:
    COLLECTING only information the school needs.
    INFORMING people why you need the information and how we will use it.
    DISCLOSING only the information that is necessary for the purpose of the service.
    ACCESSING – providing people with access to their own records.
    SECURING information against unauthorised use or disclosure.
  • All information collected at our school (including enrolment, excursion and medical permission forms etc) will be subjected to the above principles.
  • All collected information at our school will be retained in either the fireproof safe (in the case of staff), or in secure storage in the office / administration area as appropriate, or either disposed of or transferred to the Public Record Office of Victoria after use consistent with the Public Record Office Standard (PROS) 01/01.
  • Β All relevant information and records relating to students (eg: enrolment forms, consent forms, assessments, psychological reports, academic reports etc) will all be retained in secure storage in the office / administration area.
  • All electronic data will be maintained, stored and transmitted in accordance with Department of Education requirements and expectations.
  • All records will be maintained and kept up to date by office administration staff.
  • All requests (including requests by staff) for information stored at school must be made to the principal or his/her delegate.
  • All requests for information (other than brief, easy to retrieve information solely about the person making the request, or standard information requests from parents about their children, or information requested by staff in the course of their work about students) will be referred to the principal and possibly the Freedom of Information Unit.
  • Under no circumstances, will personal private information be disclosed to unauthorised people.



To be reviewed as required by developments in relevant legislation or Department of Education requirements etc.


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