Year 1 Werribee Mansion Excursion/ 100 Days of School


The Grade One students have been enthusiastically participating in our third Unit of Inquiry “Where We Are in Place and Time” driven by the Central Idea ‘Understanding how technology has changed assists us to adapt in the future’. Students have been sharing artefacts of old technology and comparing technology of the past, present and future. Students interviewed friends and family members, about the technology that they used when they were younger and the advantages and disadvantages of changing technology. They confidently presented these interviews to their classmates, displaying their depth of understanding relating to the Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry. To conclude the third Unit of Inquiry, the Grade Ones went on an excursion to Werribee Mansion. While on the excursion, students participated in a laundry tour, where they got a glimpse of the 6-day laundry process! They enthusiastically took part in grating the soap, soaking, using the washboard and dolly and putting the washing through the wringer. Students then took part in a guided tour of the mansion, where they learnt about the different rooms and their uses, and about some of the interesting technology in each of the rooms. Students learnt about special teacups that protected a gentleman’s moustache from getting wet and chairs that turned into ladders in the library! Students were able to play in the children’s room, experiencing the toys that children used over 100 years ago. They enjoyed using puppets, rocking horses, toy soldiers and writing slates.

Throughout week two of term 3, the Grade One students have been celebrating their 100th day of Grade One! Students have been participating in math activities relating to the number 100, creating craft projects and making Fairy Bread! The Grade One teachers hope that the rest of the year is as wonderful as the first 100 days!


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