Year 4 City Stay


Welcome back to Term 3! It has been a busy start to the term with lots of exciting things happening in Grade Four. The students have commenced their inquiry into our new central idea ‘Understanding the Rights of a Child May Lead to Equity.’ As students have begun to explore this central idea, they have completed a completed a See, Think, Wonder task which encouraged the students to make careful observations and thoughtful interpretations of images presented to them that illustrate different living conditions and access to resources around the world. This task provoked the students interest, stimulated their curiosity and set the stage for our inquiry.

Our Timetable A students have just arrived back from their city stay, where they partook in a range of fun-filled activities. Reflections from the students indicated they had a joyful and memorable experience on their Year 4 camp.

Here are a few reflections from Timetable A students who attended the first city stay.

“City CYC is a really good camp for grade 4 students. For example, we did rock climbing, ice skating, went to Polly Woodside, bowling, Laser Tag, arcade games and much more. City CYC takes care of kids, provides enough meals and are always kind and friendly. Overall, grade 4 really enjoyed staying in the big city of Melbourne.” – Deeksha

“On the 16t of July we boarded the bus to Williams Landing train station. We then arrived at Southern Cross train station. We walked to Collins Street in the city then we got to go to the hotel. We dropped off our bags, then did a lot of fun activities such as IMAX, King Pin, Clip N Climb in Richmond and the cinemas where we watched The Incredibles 2.” Krish

“Camp encourage all the students to take risks and have fun at the same time. The activities showed how us what the outside world is really like. We all felt happy and joyful to study and interact with the outside people and have fun.” –  Maya

“On the first day of camp we went to the Williams Landing Station to get to the Southern Cross Station. Then we went to the hotel which was City CYC to drop off our luggage and went to the Melbourne IMAX and Museum. After we ate dinner and went to King Pin Bowling and Laser Tag. On the next day we went to Clip n Climb, Polly Woodside and the Cinemas to watch Incredibles 2 at night. On the last day we went ice-skating at Docklands. Overall camp was really fun.” – Mia


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