2019 PYP/MYP Night


Our Primary and Middle Years Programme (PYP/MYP) curriculum launch on Tuesday evening has been a popular ending to a very busy term. The children appreciated your support as you visited their classrooms to see their learning achievements. The teachers also have an opportunity to meet the parents often unable to visit during normal school hours and your child/ren have that opportunity to introduce you to their friends and classroom learning environment.

The PYP/MYP evening is also a time when you can see what is happening at the college beyond your child’s classroom, the secondary schools elective working displays were also very impressive. A wonderful way for the community to enjoy light refreshments, for the children to have fun on jumping castles and take time out to chat about the college’s learning focus.

We appreciate your support with making Alamanda College a welcoming and friendly school. The PYP/MYP evening reminds us that we are a community and we hope you took the opportunity to be part of the celebrations.


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