Preps learn new art techniques


During Term 1 in Art, Prep students read the story “Nature’s Tiny Little Miracle Bee” by Britta Teekentrup. They learnt all about bees, the work they do and where they live. At the beginning of term 1 students learnt how to carefully colour from ‘side to side’ and within the lines. Building on their confidence the Preps quickly learnt how to paint with watercolour, focusing on being open-minded when learning new painting techniques. The preps painted honeycomb, bee hives and flowers using warm and cool colours, which they learnt from the ‘Colour Song’ we sing every week.

This term, the Prep students will be focusing on shapes and the Artist Henri Matisse. They have already inquired into geometric shapes and soon they will be learning about organic shapes, Henri Matisse and his artwork. The Preps will develop their curiosity by finding shapes from nature and ‘drawing with scissors’ just like Matisse. Their exploration of colour and shape will be used to create a community collaborative collage inspired by Henri Matisse.


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