2019 Year 2 Sleepover


“I had the best time at the sleepover. My favourite part was getting to make up my bed for the night and getting to watch a movie.” – Diljot

“The sleepover was so much fun. We ate ice-cream and pizza. I learnt how to do origami, which I liked. We woke up very early this morning, so I am a little tired today. The best part for me was spending time with my friends.” – Naomi

“I was so excited to sleep at school. My favourite part was when I got to go to bed and go to sleep. It was fun sleeping next to my friend. My second favourite thing was to eat breakfast in the classroom.” – Zoey

“We got to watch a movie called Paddington, it was funny. I was nervous to leave my Mum, but I had so much fun.” – Nyla

“My favourite part was when we got to eat ice-cream and watch a movie. I liked sleeping near my friends.” – Aashna

“I liked sleeping with my friends, watching a movie and having ice-cream. I had to be independent and take responsibility for all my things.” – Ishaan

“I liked talking to my friends. It was fun setting up my bed and spending the night away from my parents, I felt grown up.” – Dev

“My favourite part of the sleepover was sleeping and eating ice-cream. We got to watch a movie, it was fun being at school at night. I was a risk-taker because last night was my first ever sleepover.” – Kenneth

“I liked the ice-cream truck the best. I had fun playing outside. I was a risk-taker because I tried new foods, I had a potato cake for the first time.” – Manan

“I liked when I set up my bed. It was fun staying up a little bit late and talking to my friends. I was caring by helping my friends set up their beds.” – Jaskirat

“My favourite thing at the sleepover was staying up late and watching a movie. I was principled because I had to look after all of my things.” – Mikhail


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