How the World Works


The Year One students have begun their second Unit of Inquiry for 2019, exploring the Transdisciplinary Theme, ‘How the World Works’, through the Central Idea, ‘Properties of materials influence the way they are used.’

They have used provocations, such as pictures of ‘Upside down houses’ to provoke thinking using the Visible Thinking Routine ‘See, Think, Wonder’, sorting and classifying materials and breaking down the key language within the Central Idea.

Students are enjoying looking at many famous structures from around the world, identifying the shapes and height of these buildings. They are beginning to consider the similarities and differences in structures around the world.

The Year One cohort has been very lucky to attend a ‘Wood Technology’ session with Mr. Hick in the Secondary Woodwork room, exploring the different woods and nails used for construction and the properties of these materials.


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