World Vision Conference


On the 23rd of May, a group of leaders got the opportunity to present and expand their existing knowledge and skills about leadership. Upon our arrival, we were welcomed in the hall and given the Mars dilemma. The left half of the audience (my side) became colonists on Mars, while the right side became the Earth central command base. We were then given a multitude of problems involving sharing resources and balancing the population. After that, we were given lots of problems where we had to resolve the problems ourselves. After that, we had a brief morning break, and at around 11:05 we entered the auditorium and took our seats. Next, we were introduced to a human rights activist and a refugee herself, Khadija Gbla. She told us about the process of being a refugee and her story as a refugee. During the last hour of the conference, we were introduced to the 40-hour-Famine backpack challenge. The challenge is based off the fact that when refugees are attacked during Civil War or conflict of sorts, in their country, they always flee with only a backpack that they store the closest valuables in that they own. The main purpose of this conference was for young leaders to come together and build their social awareness and learn how their actions can help put a stop to global injustice. Furthermore, the experience was unforgettable and we all gained more leadership skills and are now more aware of what happens in reality across the world. Overall, it was a great experience and the World Vision Youth Conference has opened our minds to many new things that are happening in the world and how we as humans can take action and make a difference.  – By Saagar Sachdeva 7C


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