CFA Firefighters visit Alamanda College


Have you ever stepped into the shoes of a CFA fire fighter? Or perhaps a paramedic or emergency room doctor? What about a journalist? The Year 3s have been looking into how people respond when extreme natural events occur, and have tried to ‘Step Inside’ the lives of the people involved, trying to perceive these events from their point of view. Some of us were lucky enough to get a visit from some volunteer CFA members, who shared their experiences and some footage of the recent Bunyip bushfires. 

“I was very interested watching the video of the fires because they were so big compared to the vehicles and the huge amount of smoke” Eshal

“I found it really interesting when they told us that all the equipment they were wearing is more than half of your weight.” Azra

3F students played an interactive game on their iPads, helping them prepare emergency kits, and getting survival tips in the event of a natural disaster. They then worked collaboratively within expert groups, to create instructional videos on how to respond when a natural disaster occurs. Make sure to watch so that you can be prepared!

While all this excitement was occurring, your children also worked tremendously hard to prepare for NAPLAN, and are ready to put their best foot forward. We have pulled out all the stops and have been going full steam ahead with upskilling our problem solving and comprehension strategies. The year 3s are feeling at ease and confident about taking part in the NAPLAN assessments, and we’re looking forward to seeing the fruits of all the effort and hard work the students have put in. In relation to their preparation, teachers have had the opportunity to read some very persuasive texts on a variety of topics, so parents and guardians beware, you may be talked into something with their great reasoning skills and supporting arguments! 

Our students are also ready to take on the weekly shopping, and have been practicing to purchase items and calculating change. Why not take the weekend off, and let them do the shopping? I would suggest making a clear list of items you need! 


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