Year 1 students investigate what technology can do


The Year One students are well underway, exploring the current Unit of Inquiry under the Transdisciplinary Theme ‘Where We Are In Place and Time,’ guided through the Central Idea of ‘Understanding how Technology has changed everyday life, assists us to adapt to the future.’ As a provocation, the Year One’s went to the Secondary Building Theatre to watch the movie, ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids.’ This then guided their thinking into what technology can do. Students were then asked to bring in artefacts that connect to the Central Idea. Some fantastic and interesting artefacts have been brought to school – type writers, cameras, iPods and personal timelines. Students have shown knowledge when sharing information about their artefacts and expressed their appreciation for modern technology! Oliver 1K stating, ‘I cannot imagine living in a time when there was no iPads or games.’ 

This week, students have been lucky enough to visit the Technology Room in the Secondary Building. When there, they had the opportunity to look at a 3D printer and play with materials that the machine uses to make such things as an Alamanda coin. They saw how laser printers work and how it can cut through wood to create different shapes. Lex 1M said, ‘Watching the laser printer work was my favourite.’ 

Over the past week Year One classes have been attending and thoroughly enjoying the Basket Ball Clinic. They work on their communication, team work and fine motor skills and had lots of laughs together. 


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