Food Tech students create popular street foods


This term we have been travelling around the world experiencing popular street foods.
So far, we have been to China – Spring rolls/Dumplings, India/Africa – Samosas, Poland – Pierogi and Italy – Calzone.
The students are loving the Alamanda Airlines inflight experience, it really is the fastest way to fly – less than an hour.
While they have been exploring international cuisines, they have been developing their skills of folding/filling a variety of pastry. The Year 3/4/5 students have been developing their skills around frying pans, ovens and pots of boiling water. Students are understanding the importance of staying safe in the kitchen and they are getting a better understanding of first aid treatments for burns.
Tasting different flavours means sometimes trying foods that you are unfamiliar with and many students have been risk takers in trying new foods. So please keep encouraging your children to keep trying, I have converted many students to liking ingredients they never dared eat.
Next stop Turkey – Gozleme!


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