School Closure Update


Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends,

The Government has announced just now:
Term 1 Ends Monday at 2pm for P-9 students

It seems that decisions are changing dramatically, but realistically behind the scenes our health sector work force analysts and governments analysts are looking at the infection rates and modelling to scale future outcomes based on infection numbers in each state.

Therefore this dramatic early closure has been called for all in Victorian schools as a valiant whole of Victoria attempt to slow our infection rates and flatten out the national infection graph we are all very conscious of.

I am not able to confirm the start of Term 2 at this point in time.

Children need to be in hooked into our virtual school.
We will contact all families and request families to log into SchoolBox and we will resend parent and children codes via your email tomorrow.
We have a busy time ahead of us as like you this closure is earlier than expected.
Our intention is to continue with our virtual school, we have YouTube channels and online work to keep Alamanda virtual school full of things for our children to do research and enjoy.

I will keep in contact via SchoolBox, SkoolBag and Instagram.

With love to you all, look after yourself and each other. See you online.

Dare to be strong,

Lynette, leaders and staff


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