Message from Wyndham City for on-site Attendees


Good Afternoon,

Due to the current circumstances and many of our supervisors being in the “At Risk” category we will be unable to cover some of the crossings near your school.

When determining which crossings can be covered, we have taken into account crossings that are in direct vicinity of your school and any that are considered high risk.

Below is a list of the crossings we are able to and unable to cover:

Able to Cover:

Alamanda Boulevard

Unable to Cover

Prudence Parade

Ivory Avenue


At the end of the week we will reassess the situation after communicating with our supervisors and yourself and take into consideration any changes that may need to occur.

Could you please pass this information on to the parents and carers at you school so that they can plan their route to and from school accordingly.

We really appreciate your understanding during this time and we will continue to do our best to ensure the safety of both pedestrians and our School Crossing Supervisors.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me on 8734-6165 or Trishna on 9742- 0876.

Please take care.

Kind regards,

Christine Attwell | School Crossing Support  Field Officer


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