1. Introduction

The processes outlined below provide adequate and appropriate supervision of students in the school yard so the school fulfills its duty care to its students in terms of on-site supervision.

2. Supervision before and after school

  • The school will provide staff supervision for students arriving before school between 8.30am and 9.00am.
  • The school will provide staff supervision for students after school between 2.50pm and 3.30pm.
  • This information is provided to parents/guardians on a regular basis via the school newsletter. Outside of these times the supervision and/or the collection of students is the responsibility of parents/guardians.
  • Sufficient teachers will be allocated by the school principal or their nominee to supervise students during these periods

Should a teacher be called away to other duties alternate supervision arrangements will be put in place in consultation with the principal or their nominee.

3. Supervision at recesses and lunch time

Students are required to be adequately supervised during recesses and lunch times. In order to ensure that students are adequately supervised, a ‘Yard Duty Roster’ will be created each term allocating teachers to supervise students in defined areas of the school grounds during these times. Details of the roster are communicated to teachers at staff meetings, daily bulletin and via the staff noticeboard.

4. Unauthorised student departure from school

When a student departs from the school (following initial attendance) without authorisation, the parent/guardian will be informed immediately.

Where there is reasonable concern for the student’s safety or the safety of others, immediate contact will also be made with the police and the Department’s Emergency and Security Management Branch, telephone 9589 6266 (24 hour service).

5. Early departure of students prior to dismissal time

Students must be signed out of the school if departing prior to dismissal time.

A record of early departures is to be kept in the Administration Office and completed for all students departing the school early. Details will include the student’s name, grade, the time of departure and the name of the person collecting the student.

  • No parents/carers are permitted to take students directly from the classroom.
  • Students can only be collected by a responsible person 16 years and over with Parent or Guardians permission.
  • Students are only allowed to leave with people that naive been formally identified on their enrolment form.
  • No students will be sent home on their own out side of normal dismissal time.

6. Arrangements for students not collected after school

Parents/guardians will be informed when supervision of students is available before and after school hours and that supervision outside of these times and/or the collection of students is the responsibility of parents/guardians. Students remaining in the school yard awaiting collection after 3.30pm will be directed to the office waiting area.
If it becomes known that a student who is normally collected from the school, remains at the school well beyond the normal time of collection, attempts will be made to contact the parents/guardians, or the emergency contact person identified by the parent/guardian in the school records.

Where all reasonable attempts have been made to locate the parents/guardian and the emergency contact persons, and the time is well beyond a reasonable time for collection, consideration will be given to contacting the police or the Department of Human Services and for them to arrange for the care and protection of the student.
Information about the whereabouts of the student will be left with appropriate friends of the student, or next-door neighbours, if known, and at the school.

7. Arrangements for student supervision on school camps and excursions

The school will provide supervision ratios in line with the Department’s policy as outlined in the Victorian Government Schools Reference Guide section depending on the nature and location of the school activity.



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