Schools have a duty of care to staff and students at all times.  This duty of care includes protection against inclement weather during times when students would normally be outside.


To ensure the wellbeing of students and staff during times of inclement weather by consistently implementing a planned management strategy that will cater for all circumstances.


As part of the usual yard duty timetable process, an inclement weather timetable will be activated by the Principal when conditions outside are considered to be unsuitable for students and staff.

Inclement weather is generally defined as extreme heat, wind, rain, lightning, or any other condition that is considered by the Principal to be unsuitable.

Where inclement weather is obvious prior to children being dismissed for a recess or lunch break, an announcement will be made by the Principal / Assistant Principal or officer in charge, advising class teachers to follow the inclement weather time-table until further notice.

In such cases, teachers who are on regular outdoors yard duty will supervise a number of grades (as previously agreed to by the teachers concerned), in designated areas across the school

All teachers, other than classroom teachers, will similarly share supervision of students.

All children will be confined to classrooms, or their designated areas, unless permission has been granted by a teacher to leave temporarily, e.g. toilet break.

Children will be expected to walk indoors at all times and undertake appropriate indoor games and activities.

In the case of inclement weather during a recess break, a yard duty teacher will inform the Principal/Assistant Principal of the possible need to activate the inclement weather timetable.

The Principal / Assistant Principal will assess the situation and make the decision to call the children inside or alternatively, to seek adequate shelter, in which case the yard duty teachers will continue to supervise outside.

In the event of children being required to come inside the school buildings, yard duty teachers will supervise children as they make their way to their designated area.

All staff and students are required to wear broad-brimmed hats during terms 1 and 4 consistent with the school’s Sunsmart policy and are encouraged to wear hats during terms 2 and 3.

Scheduled sport, physical education or other outside activities will be held in the school’s gym or be rescheduled during times of inclement weather.


This policy was reviewed April 2022 and will be reviewed annually or more often if necessary due to changes in regulations or circumstances


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