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2021 Uniform Policy Secondary School Year 7-9


A uniform dress code reinforces in students a pride in their own appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the school community, and assists in developing pride in representing their school. Issues of equality, health and safety are also factors that contribute to the establishment of the Dress Code.


  • To promote equality amongst all students.
  • To further develop a sense of pride, connectedness and identification with our school.
  • To provide durable clothing that is cost effective and practical for our school environment (One Seed & Rushford’s Garments).
  • To maintain and enhance the positive image of the school in the community.
  • To offer a basic uniform product.


  • The Dress Code applies during school hours, whilst travelling to and from school, and when students are on school excursions or representing the school.
  • Alamanda uniform is a capsule. Students may pick what they feel comfortable wearing from the selected summer uniform in term one and four, winter uniform in term two and three and sports uniform on selected PE days.
  • Alamanda uniform needs to be purchased from Noone. Some items such as the One Seed Navy Pants can be purchased directly from the school.
  • Summer and winter uniforms, as well as sports uniforms are prescribed, and are required to be worn.  Full school uniform is to be worn to and from school every day with the exception of nominated days approved by school council e.g. Casual Clothes Days for fundraising.
  • Children can wear full sports uniform to and from school on sports day. If they’re attending an after school sport children will still need to wear full school uniform and get changed at the end of the day.
  • Full school uniform includes black school shoes. (Please see pictures at the end of this policy).
  • Children should not wear exposed undergarments such as skivvies, winter tights or leggings under summer uniform.
  • Short or long plain white socks must be worn with the summer and winter uniform. Boy and girls may wear dark socks (navy or black) with long pants.
  • Stud earring and/or sleeper worn in the ears, plus watches are the only acceptable jewellery.
  • Extreme hair colours (e.g. green, pink or purple rinses) and/or extreme hairstyles (e.g.: spikes or shaved head patterns) are not permitted.  Girls must tie their hair up neatly with black or school coloured hair ties.
  • Other than clear nail polish, cosmetics may not be worn at school.
  • Sun smart hats with the school logo consistent with our Sunsmart policy must be worn outside in Terms 1 & 4. Hats are not to be worn inside.
  • The Student Dress Code, including details of uniform items and places of purchase, will be published in the newsletter at the start of each year.
  • School Council requires the Principal be responsible for implementation of the Dress Code in a manner consistent with the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Arrangements can be made to subsidise uniforms via State Schools Relief for families experiencing economic hardship.
  • Alamanda raincoats are not an official uniform item and can only be worn to and from school permitting wet weather.  Once at school raincoats are not to be worn.
  • Parents seeking exemptions to the Dress Code due to religious beliefs, ethnic or cultural background, student disability, health condition or economic hardship must apply in writing to the Principal and School Council for consideration.
  • Summer Uniform is to be worn in Terms 1 and 4. This includes the tie for the boys.
  • Winter Uniform to be worn in Terms 2 and 3.  This includes ties for both girls and boys.

 This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s review


  • Students will be reminded to wear the correct uniform (3 reminders will be given verbally).
  • Students who do not wear the correct uniform will take home a uniform note, outlining the items needed.
  • Parents will be called and the financial situation will be discussed if appropriate.
  • Students who consistently do not wear the correct uniform will be given demerit points. Three demerit points will incur an in–house detention at either recess or lunchtime.
  • All students are expected to wear Alamanda College Uniform daily.